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- 44th GAHK Anniversary Dinner (2023/12/07)
- Invitation - JMA Hong Kong International Show 2023(Booth No:1CON2-1) (2023/10/26)
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GAHK Journal 2020

Table of Contents
A Word from the Editors
GAHK Board of Directors
Letter from the Chairman
A calendar of events organised by GAHK
Interview with Jewellery Master Mr Wallace Chan
Book Introduction
推進粵港澳大灣區職業教育合作 – 歐陽秋眉寶石研究所正式成立
Prospecting for Diamonds in South Africa
The Beryl Group – an Overview
Long-wave Ultraviolet Torches • A Gemmologist’s New Best Friend
FTIR in Gem Testing • A Pink Sapphire Lesson
Simulated Malachite with Barium Sulphate as the Major Constituent
A Milestone as “Fei Cui” Enters the International Arena
The Gemmological & Mineralogical Characterisation of a “Single Crystal Jadeite”
“Old Fei Cui of the Ming & Qing Dynasties” - What is it really?
A Review of the Opal Industry in Hong Kong
Rebrand to Restart

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