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Thank you for your enquiry and interest in studying gemmology.  
Herebelow are the Allied Teaching Centers (ATC) of Gem-A, London in Hong Kong.
以下為英國寶石學協會在香港的直屬寶石學教育機構: -
(Name) 機構名稱             (Area) 地區        (Phone) 電話
Asian Gemmological Inst. & Lab. Ltd. T.S.T.           2723 0429
亞洲寶石學院及鑑定所有限公司 尖沙咀
Hong Kong Baptist University School of Continuing Education  Kowloon Tong     3411 5607
香港浸會大學持續進修學院 九龍塘       
Hong Kong Institutes of Gemmology    Sheung Wan      2815 1880
香港珠寶學院 上環
Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association          Kowloon 2122 5086
香港珠寶製造業廠商會                            九龍
Herebelow is the Gemmology / Diamond Diploma teaching center of overseas institutes in Hong Kong.
以下為駐香港的海外寶石學 / 鑽石文憑教育機構.
GIA Hong Kong Ltd. Central  2303 0075
HRD Antwerp      T.S.T. 3589 6100 
It is suggested that you should make enquiry directly to them for the course being organized and make your own selection.  請直接詢問有關課程資料並自行作出選擇


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