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- 44th GAHK Anniversary Dinner (2023/12/07)
- Invitation - JMA Hong Kong International Show 2023(Booth No:1CON2-1) (2023/10/26)
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GAHK Journal 2021

Table of Contents
A Word from the Editors
GAHK Board of Directors
Letter from the Chairman
A calendar of events organised by GAHK
Book Reviews
A Discussion on Gambling on Fei Cui Rough
New Directions: An Announcement from GIT on their work using AI as a New Tool for the Origin Determination of Gemstones
The Value of a Gemstone’s Name
Made You Look • The Challenges of Identifying Inclusions at First Sight
A Comparison of the Structural and Chemical Characteristics of Lapis Lazuli and its Imitations
Gemmological Characteristics of a “New Style” Bleached, Filled and Dyed Fei Cui that differs from Traditional Simulants
Market Alert: Dyed & Heat Treated Fei Cui in Solid Colours of Yellow & Red
Radioactivity Detection & Analysis of a group of gemstones
Gemmological & Mineral Characteristics of Madagascar’s “Ocean Jasper”
A Brief History of Pearl Testing through the pages of Gems & Gemology

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